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Dear Humans

Dear Humans

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Author(s): R. Emily Irby

Gallus the chicken isn’t happy with Humans. In fact, he has a little bit of an attitude and does not appreciate the way Humans make fun of his family. So Gallus picks up a pen and writes a letter to Humans to let them (and us) know just how smart chickens are and the many ways Humans and Chickens are alike. If you love chickens (and even if you don’t), Gallus will entertain you with his fact-filled letter and his advice on how to hatch and raise chickens because Gallus believes Chickens and Humans can be friends. This book will entertain readers as they learn about: -Common sayings and jokes about chickens -How chickens protect themselves -How chickens and humans are alike -How smart chickens are -How to hatch and raise chickens -How to take care of chickens and provide them a safe place to live -What chickens eat -What the differences are between roosters and hens


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