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Three Quests

Three Quests

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Author(s): Sarah Frank

In the final book of the One Chance Series Rebecca, Nick, Sandy, and the other Questers, have one special assignment — go to war and kill Charles Moon. As found in the prophecy, by killing Moon, the evil in the world will be vanquished. But at what cost? In preparation for the war, Rebecca and the Questers learn how to use their magic and find out exactly what is at stake. As they time travel to rally allies for their side, they find surprising discoveries along the way. This book answers many questions from the first two books and shows the growth of the characters as well as the growth of the author, Sarah Frank.

Three Quests does three things: provides an escape into magic and fantasy, brings to life historical characters, and wraps up a thrilling ending to a wonderful trilogy! —Meg Greve, children’s book author and educator

EAN: 9781735645575
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